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25 physics books found:
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1Baker Gregory L. and Blackburn James A., The pendulum; A Case Study in Physics, Oxford (2005)_1.pdf11,955k
2Beer Ferdinand P., Johnston E. Russell and Eisenberg Elliot R., Vector Mechanics for Engineers - Statics, 8th ed., McGraw-Hill Companies (540s)(2007).djvu68,572k
3Crowell. Newtonian physics(230s).pdf3,177k
4Freedman Roger, William J. Kaufmann III, Universe, 8t (2008).pdf90,317k
5Okun L. B. and Haar D. ter, Weak Interaction of Elementary Particles, Pergamon (1965).pdf10,754k
6Pater, Imke, Lissauer Jack, Planetary Science (2001).djvu21,438k
7Sternberg S. Dynamical systems (lecture notes, Math 118, free web draft, 2000)(151s).pdf1,032k
8Sternberg S. Semi-Riemann geometry and general relativity (lecture notes, free web draft, 2003)(251s).pdf972k
9Steve Gardiner-Building Student Literacy Through Sustained Silent Reading (2005).pdf1,420k
10Stewart J., Advanced general relativity (CUP, 1991)(K)(ISBN 0521449464)(T)(234s).djvu1,903k
11Stewart Robert H., Introduction to physical oceanography (2001)(T)(117s).djvu1,412k
12Stratton J.A. Electromagnetic Theory (MGH, 1941)(T)(631s).djvu7,112k
13Straumann N. From Primordial Quantum Fluctuations to the Anisotropies of CMBR (web draft, hep-ph_0505249, 2005)(205s).pdf1,044k
14Straumann N., General relativity and relativistic astrophysics (Springer, 1984)(ISBN 0387130101)(KA)(T)(471s).djvu3,589k
15Streater R.F., Wightman A.S. PCT, spin and statistics and all that (Benjamin, 1964)(T)(189s).djvu1,691k
16Streltsov Alexander, Quantum Correlations Beyond Entanglement, Springer (2015).pdf2,495k
17Strogatz S.H. Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos (Perseus, 1994)(KA)(T)(505s).djvu3,812k
18Su. Intermediate fluid mechanics (lecture notes, web draft, Wisconsin, 2002)(221s).pdf6,065k
19Suess B.J. Creative black and white photography (revised edition, Allworth, 2003)(ISBN 1581152647)(T)(200s).djvu6,752k
20Sur la Theorie de la Diffusion Pour des Champs de Dirac Dans Divers Espaces-Temps de la Relativite Generlale, Thesis (2004).ps1,972k
21Surdin V.G. (red.) Mars.. velikoe protivostoyanie (FML, 2004)(ru)(T)(C)(K)(600dpi)(239s).djvu14,540k
22Susskind L., Lindesay J. Introduction to blackholes,information, and string theory revolution (WS, 2005)(ISBN 9812560831)(200s).pdf1,262k
23Sussman G.J., Wisdom J., Mayer M.E. Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics (MIT, 2000)(527s).pdf8,884k
24Sussman G.J., Wisdom J., Mayer M.E. Structure and interpretation of classical mechanics (MIT, 2000)(600dpi)(T)(527s).djvu4,351k
25Tipler P.A., Mosca G. Physics for scientists and engineers (5ed., extended version)(no p.399)(600dpi)(T)(C)(1395s).djvu92,155k

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