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1Abramovich Yuri A. and Aliprantis Charalambos D., An Invitation to Operator Theory, American Mathatics Society (547s)(2002)(sn).djvu5,369k
2Abramovich Yuri A. and Aliprantis Charalambos D., Problems in Operator Theory, American Mathatics Society (402s)(2002)(sn).djvu10,133k
3Aliprantis Charalambos D. and Burkinshaw Owen, Positive Operators, Dordrecht, Springer, pp. xx+372 (2006)(389s)(sn).pdf2,216k
4Aliprantis Charalambos D. and Burkinshaw Owen, Principles of Real Analysis, 3rd. Ed., Academic, pp. xii+415 (426s)(AP, 1998)(sn).djvu3,940k
5Aliprantis Charalambos D. and Burkinshaw Owen, Problems in Real Analysis, A workbook with Solutions, 2nd Ed. (AP, 1999)(412s)(sn).djvu3,255k
6Barbu Viorel and Precupanu Teodor, Convexity and Optimization in Banach Spaces, Fourth Edition (2012).pdf1,879k
7Burden Richard L. and Faires J. Douglas, Numerical Analysis, 9th Ed. (2010).pdf13,053k
8Deutsch Frank, Best Approximation in Inner Product Spaces, Springer (2001).pdf12,815k
9Duren Peter L., Askey Richard, Merzbach Uta C., Edwards Harold M., A Century of mathematics in America (History of mathematics), v.1, American Mathematical Society (1989).djvu5,909k
10Duren Peter L., Harmonic Mappings in the Plane, Cambridge University Press, NewYork (2004).pdf1,584k
11Duren Peter L., Theory of H^p Spaces, Dover Publications, Pure and Applied Mathematics 38, Academic Press, Elsevier (1970).pdf4,628k
12Duren Peter L., Univalent functions (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften 259), Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K (1983).djvu5,171k
13Murphy Gerard J. C-Algebra, Academic Press Inc. (1990).djvu3,181k
14Phelps R., Lectures on Choquet's Theorem (2001)(2nd ed.)(en).djvu3,023k
15Pommerenke Christian, Boundary Behaviour of Conformal Maps, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg (1992).pdf5,873k
16Pommerenke christian, univalent functions, with a chapter by gerd jensen, vanderhoeck & ruprecht, gottingen (1875) (1975) edit by gerd jensen (isbn 3525401337)(374s). (studia mathematica) (1975)(en).djvu3,409k
17Rudin Walter, Fourier Analysis on Groups (1980)(en).djvu1,668k
18Rudin Walter, Function Theory in Polydiscs (Teoriya funkcij v polikruge), (Mir, 1974)(ru)(600dpi)(T)(162s)(KA).djvu3,049k
19Rudin Walter, Function Theory in the Unit Ball of C^n, Reprint of the 1980 Edition, Springer, (2008)(450s).djvu2,365k
20Rudin Walter, Functional Analysis, 2ed., MGH, (1991)_1.djvu2,454k
21Rudin Walter, Holomorphic maps that extend to automorphisms of a ball, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 81 (3); 429-432 (1981).pdf382k
22Rudin Walter, Principles of Mathematical Analysis, 3ed, MGH, Reprint (1976)_2.djvu3,659k
23Rudin Walter, Real and Complex Analysis, 3ed., MGH, (1986)(sn).djvu2,935k
24Stewart Ian and Tall David, Algebraic Number Theory and Fermat's Last Theorem (2002).pdf16,337k
25Vilenkin N. Ja. et al., Functional analysis (1972)(L)(T)(198s).djvu2,482k

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